Joint Land Use Study

The JLUS incorporates a team approach to define compatibility issues that could impede either military operations or continued regional growth. These issues may include: adequate local and regional transportation networks; adequate workforce housing, resiliency of coastal development; community development guidelines and infrastructure investments to guide compatible community development; and protection of military line of site corridors, port access, river channel/shipping lanes, and sea-based mobility corridors. A parallel robust public outreach and stakeholder involvement initiative will increase public awareness of the military operations and its regional economic contribution, as well as ensure a smooth transition for stakeholders to implement recommendations.


York County Trails Initiative

York County Trails Initiative is composed of Southern Maine Planning & Development Commission, the National Park Service, various land trusts and municipalities in Southern Maine. The goal of the group is to highlight and bring awareness to trails, programs, and outdoor related events, as well as further develop trail maps in Southern Maine. This newsletter contains information to keep the outdoor enthusiasts up to date on events happening near you! Happy hiking, biking, running, and getting outdoors!



SMPDC Energy Audit Program

The SMPDC Energy Audit Program provides subsidized energy audits to small businesses and agricultural producers in the SMPDC region. Energy audits will identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that can reduce operating costs and increase productivity, occupant comfort, and safety. The audit will estimate implementation costs, potential energy and financial savings, as well as a return-on-investment.

Through the program, Southern Maine small business and agricultural producers will be empowered to implement energy efficiency upgrades that reduce energy consumption, utility costs, and fossil fuel emissions. Overall, the program will raise awareness of energy efficiency in the entire region, supporting energy independence and resilience in Southern Maine.


Housing Affordability

Housing affordability has been, and continues to be, a significant problem facing our towns and cities. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, housing costs were rising. Now, along with many other lasting impacts, the pandemic has exacerbated the issue. State agencies and other regional organizations have recognized this growing concern as well, and SMPDC is staying up to date on incoming resources, guidance, and plans for the use of federal funding to address the issue.