SMPDC has the ability to provide a variety of mapping and GIS services.  Mapping via GIS has gotten increasingly complex (and expensive) over the past few years.  SMPDC has the necessary licenses, technology printing capabilities and technically proficient staff to assist in different ways with GIS.  For instance, SMPDC has been assisting the County Emergency Management Agency with mapping utilizing aerial photography and E-911 mapping.  We have also been involved with trail mapping, utilizing Beginning With Habitat information and developing shoreland zoning maps over the past few years.  We also have a fairly extensive library of existing data sets including those downloaded from other sources and ones developed at the local level as well. 

Many communities simply want basic sets of maps for display which can easily be accomplished by our office.   Others need mapping for Comprehensive Planning and other local planning projects.  Due to the complexities of GIS, the best way to see if we can assist, is to simply give us a call to see if WE have what you might be looking for. 

SMPDC's ArcHub, a platform for exploring and downloading GIS data and maps can be found by clicking the image below.  These have been produced through various projects and may actually meet some of your needs.


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