SMPDC Energy Audit Program


The SMPDC Energy Audit Program provides subsidized energy audits to small businesses and agricultural producers in the SMPDC region. Energy audits will identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that can reduce operating costs and increase productivity, occupant comfort, and safety. The audit will estimate implementation costs, potential energy and financial savings, as well as a return-on-investment.

Through the program, Southern Maine small business and agricultural producers will be empowered to implement energy efficiency upgrades that reduce energy consumption, utility costs, and fossil fuel emissions. Overall, the program will raise awareness of energy efficiency in the entire region, supporting energy independence and resilience in Southern Maine.


What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is often the first step in making your commercial building more efficient. It analyses all aspects of a building’s energy use, including:

    • Space Heating and Cooling
    • Lighting systems
    • Other power systems (such as exhaust fans or hot water heating)
    • Plug/industrial/process loads
    • Building envelope (the exterior of the building, and its resistance to air, water, heat, etc.)


A commercial energy audit provides a clear breakdown of how, where, and when electricity is used in your building, as well as the current electric costs and how they apply to the facility and its uses. It can also be tailored to specific energy concerns in the facility.


Increasing efficiency – Putting your energy audit data to use

Based on the data collected during the energy audit, we will work with the energy auditor to prepare an Energy Audit Report. The report will include recommended Energy Efficiency Measures that could be next steps to maximize long-term cost savings and minimize energy efficiency consumption in your building. It will also include recommended resources for financing energy efficiency improvements, such as:


Example energy efficiency measures include:

  • Lighting retrofits, including lamp replacement and delamping
  • Adding variable speed drives to fans and pumps
  • Control changes, enhancements, and repairs
  • Replacement of package HVAC units to high efficiency models
  • Upgrading to ENERGY STAR equipment


Available Funding

  • Using funds from USDA, SMPDC will cover 75% of the cost of the energy audit. Your business will be responsible for paying the remaining 25% of the audit cost.
  • The total cost of the audit will depend on the size and complexity of the facilities included.


Who’s Eligible?

Maine agricultural producers and small businesses are all eligible. They must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a for-profit business with a place of business in Maine.
  • A “small businesses” is defined according to Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines. Review this document to find the small business standard (either by average annual income or average number of employees) that corresponds to your NAICS code.


How to Get Started!?

If you’re interested in receiving a subsidized energy audit for your commercial or agricultural facility, please contact Karina Graeter, Sustainability Coordinator, at or 207-571-7065.


Watch Karina's Presentation to the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce to learn more: