Completed Projects:

  • Provided $300,000 in Brownfields grant funding for prime tanning property 
  • Draft a Form base code ordinance for the Prime Tanning Redevelopment area
  • Provide technical assistance on CDBG Program
  • Conducted turning movement count at Route 4/Blackberry Hill Road intersection and provided data to Town and MaineDOT for safety audit
  • Provided data from permanent traffic counter located on Route 4 for safety audit
  • Assistance with hiring, administering consultant for downtown traffic study
  • Conducted traffic counts
  • Managed contract and provided staffing support for MS4 permit and the Southern Maine Stormwater working group
  • Developed draft marijuana ordinance
  • Drafted a Design Guideline booklet for the Downtown
  • Draft numerous ordinance amendments for the Planning Board
  • Provided support to the planning board and town on development review and zoning recommendations / Attended Planning Board meetings
  • Provided funding for downtown transportation project
  • Cranberry Meadow subdivision, 50-lot subdivision plan, 357 Portland Road, 115 Pine Hill Road, Medical Marijuana facility, Mistee Boyd's application, Ridlon Road research, Redi-Mix, 569 Portland Street, Double G Development, Clement Subdivision, 387 School Street, Rockwell Subdivision, Blackberry Hill Mobile Home Park, Growth permit numbers, Marijuana Ordinance, Pike Industries Application, Clement Subdivision, FC code
  • Vehicle/bike/ped study SOW
  • Grant Application approval
  • ADA Curb Ramp analysis
  • Provided sidewalk inventory map using data from the town